Paolo mentally swore. He does not need an answer.

- Absolutely sure.

Paolo mentally swore. He does not need an answer.

- So you do not have a friend or he lives alone? She put the pen and stared at him with narrowed eyes.

- I have a friend, neighbor, and not here. It is clear that her husband, of course, no, except for you, of course. The sooner you let me sign the papers, the sooner I'll be able to do a device of his life.

- You might think that the applicants have already lined up outside the door - he said, barely moving his lips. And he went on a study room, leaving Helen to deal with the paperwork. Is she so eager to sign?

Looking Paolo fell on the photo and couples, which he immediately recognized. Her parents. His mother-in-law to the test. Caroline Granger smiled at the camera - socialite in silk and pearls, and cold blue eyes filled with limitless Richard Granger complacency man crushed world for themselves. Given its business relationships, it's almost true.

- How are your parents? - Paolo asked over his shoulder.

- I do not know - she replied.

Putting photos, he turned to Helen.

- You do not know?

She dropped her pen, ran her hands through her hair. He watched, fascinated, as they are long strands through his fingers again fall on the shoulders. He liked the hand is lost in their midst. The same sort of hair you can get lost.

- Last time I received a message from his father four weeks after our wedding. You then have returned to Milan, and I took my first apartment in Paris. There he found me a lawyer. The father reported that he no longer has a daughter.

- Refused to you?

- Looks like it.

- I did not know.

She shrugged.

- I guess he gets mad. His deal never took place. Father not only lost face, he lost millions - billions, perhaps, if his plan was supposed to succeed. He wanted me to be paid for disobedience.

- But to do away with you .. so, separated from his mother ...

- It's okay - Helen said quickly. Too hasty to believe in her sincerity. - Because I got what I wanted. Good career in the international women's bureau, normal life in Paris. - She smiled weakly at him. - If you think I owe you.

- No. You just made yourself.

- But without you I would not have been such an opportunity. Nobody cared about what was going on. Even if it was, then all frightening prospect to cross the road to my father. You - the only one who is not allowed to do me like yet another object of the sale, appear in business operations of his father.